Biologic complexity made simple

Probiomics helps researchers and clinicians to gain insights into scientific questions through multi-omics analyses both on the experimental and the computational side.

We will provide experimental data, bioinformatic analysis and results’ interpretation exploring biology through state of art Genomics, Epigenomics, Transcriptomics, and Proteomics analysis. This modular approach will support academia and pharma for research breakthroughs.



    Targeted Proteomics (Olink®)

    Olink technology allows quantifying proteins' abundance using 1-2µL of serum, plasma, or almost any other type of biological sample through two approaches: Olink Target 96 panels with Relative Quantification: you can choose from 15 panels of 96 proteins each (over 1100 protein biomarkers) to quantify proteins in the NPX relative quantification unit. Olink Target 48 panels with Absolute Quantification: allow for simultaneous analysis of 45 protein biomarkers with results reported in standard concentration units (pg/mL) or relative quantification (NPX units).

    Targeted Transcriptomics (Fluidigm Biomark®)

    This solution is suitable if you are interested to investigate the expression levels of a limited number of genes from limited amount of cells or cell subsets (up to single cell analysis). Using a microfluidic approach it allows to perform over 9000 Real-time PCR (qPCR) reactions per run allowing the simultaneous analysis of 96 genes of 96 samples per run.

    RNA Sequencing (Nanopore®)

    RNA-seq is the best solution to explore the whole transcriptome of a pool of cells. Unlike traditional RNA-Seq techniques, long reads Nanopore technology allows for accurate quantification and complete, full-length characterization of native RNA or cDNA without fragmentation or amplification streamlining analysis and removing potential sources of bias. Direct RNA sequencing also enables the identification of base modifications alongside nucleotide sequences.

    Whole Genome Sequencing (Nanopore®)

    Whole Genome sequencing provides an extensive overview of Single nucleotide variant (SNV) and of Structural Variation (SV). The long reads Nanopore Technology resolves areas of the genome that have proven intractable to short-read sequencing, including telomeres, centromeres, and highly variable regions.

    Whole Genome DNA Methylation Sequencing (Nanopore®)

    Base modifications, such as the DNA 5-methylcytosine (5mC), which most frequently occurs at CpG dinucleotides in the human genome, are important epigenetic mechanisms that regulate gene expression. Nanopore sequencing is the only technology that allows directly the identification of base modifications at single nucleotide resolution.

    Flow Cytometry and FACS based sorting (CytoFLEX, BD FACSAria)

    Through Flow Cytometry we are to quantify (CytoFLEX) or also sort (BD FACSAria) different types of cells in a biological sample using membrane proteins as markers. FACS based sorting can be coupled with sequencing analysis performed by either targeted or untargeted RNA Seq.

    Computational workflows

    We have implemented bioinformatic pipelines and statistical analysis workflows for each technology mentioned above. The computational analyses include data quality checks, normalization, preprocessing, differential analyses between conditions, functional analysis such as Gene Ontology, Machine Learning approaches, Networks analyses, and multi-omic data integration.

About us

Our mission is to democratize the production, analysis, and interpretation of high-throughput data, making these methods easily available and affordable to researchers and companies in the biomedical field.

The technological and knowledge value underlying the services offered is the result of years of scientific research in the laboratories of the Department of Systems Medicine of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata".

Probiomics' services will be available by Jun 2023.

Why Probiomics

For each technology, we will offer a modular service of experimental analysis, computational analysis, and results interpretation. Every segment of the service will be purchasable singularly through an easy-to-use e-commerce.

RNA and DNA Sequencing analyses are offered by a third generation platform (Oxford Nanopore) and to date we are the only OLINK proteomics certified laboratory in Italy.

Probiomics customers can leverage on a 10 years experience in the field of innovative systems biology, translational medicine and precision medicine.

Probiomics offers a unified service of multi-OMIC analysis allowing the in depth characterization of different biology layers systems from the analysis of a single sample.

Our services can support scientific questions raised by profit and non-profit research aiming at identifying personalized medicine such as vaccines and immune therapeutic disease-modifying treatments.

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